KiK Stage

Mittwoch 7. Juni ab 23:00


Since the mid-nineties São Paulo, Brazil has given the world some of drum & bass’s most celebrated artists. The inspiringly vibrant culture and the energetic, highly-vocal dancefloors have proven the perfect launchpad for the talent this city has to offer. And, over the last decade, Alibi has taken his place at the forefront. Alibi was thrust into a world of music from his earliest childhood. His dad ran a
record shop so, as well as Brazilian styles like samba and pagode, he grew up absorbing influences from rock, reggae, soul, funk and more. Then, one day, as if it was destined to be so, he saw a huge red graffiti tag on a wall near his home. It simply said, “Drum And Bass”, and the curiosity it sparked set his whole career in motion.

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